The Moon Garden

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The Moon Garden is our latest garden. The idea was to create a space where people could enjoy wonderful moments in the evening, simply sitting, reading a book, or spending time with friends, immersed in the perfumes of a variety of night blooming flowers.

The Garden is on three levels with the upper level running along the fence of the Gar and then curving in a moon-shape along the walkway.  There are mostly trees here to block the south-east wind and provide shade while along the walkway there are flowers, bushes, and some small trees.

The second level is actually the heart of the Moon Garden because it is the place where you can sit surrounded by the scents of the plants and gaze into the sky. As its name suggests, it is a place to enjoy in the late afternoon, the evening and night, and even the early morning when it is very fresh.

To complete the garden there is a third level, a natural amphitheatre formed by a circle of rocks where people can do activities together, collective practices, dance, have a barbecue and so on.

The pathways are made of bluish grey pebbles giving the impression of a flowing river or the stream of time. The sunset area with its trees, bushes, and flowers blooming in different shades of yellow, orange, red, and pink, quickly gives way to that of the night with its white and silver flowers that reflect the moon and its deep purple-blue and purple-red flowers that reflect the sky. In full moon periods the garden is magical and silvery with a host of pale pink evening primroses dancing in the wind!

The essence of this new garden is its perfume and the sense of smell. The fragrance of flowers is to the night what music is to a blind pianist - when the sense of vision is limited or absent, other senses take over more powerfully. Walking in the garden in the nighttime although you cannot distinguish the plants very well, you can still recognize them by their fragrance that lingers in the air.

So whether you are sitting, gazing into the space of the evening sky with the reflections of the sunset coloring the faraway mountains, or walking through the flowing river of time, immersed in scents, with the wind swelling up the instant like a sail, just enjoy!

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Pasha Geiwald
United States